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Golden and Silver members support ETS since its foundation. They play a key role in the enhancement of ETS and its growth.

Thanks to them, it has been possible to realize the first activities of ETS, such as the creation of this website and the organisation of the first ETS Conference.

They clearly expressed the will to create this Society in order to develop the European production of turfgrass and to supply services to the turfgrass community.

This community is formed by all the ETS members and they have access to ETS database of documents and they have the opportunity to take part to discussions and propose to the community news, events, activities.

Golden members



Fritz Lord (Germany)


DLF Trifolium A/S

Mette Jespersen (Denmark)


Eurogreen GmbH

Harald Nonn Dr. agr. (Germany)


Royal Barenbrug Group

Arthur Wolleswinkel (Netherlands)



Stephen William Baker (UK)



Simon Taylor (Netherlands)



Simon Watson (UK)


DiSAAA-a, University of Pisa

Marco Volterrani (Italy)



Otto Weilenmann (Switzerland)


Zehetbauer Fertigrasen

Wilfried Zehetbauer (Austria)


Silver members


Michael Fance (EU)

Duclos international

Yann ORIANT (France)

Groenservice BVBA

Ronny Lambrechts (Belgium)

Landlab Studio Associato

Adriano Altissimo (Italy)

Otto Hauenstein Samen AG

Tobias Schmid (Switzerland)

Patten Seed Company

Tim Bowyer (USA)

Semillas Fitó

Gian Maria Bercelli (Italy)

Top Green SAS

Stephen Alderton (France)

fenaco Genossenschaft, UFA-Samen

Bernhard Schenk (Switzerland)


Green members

Deutsche Rasengesellschaft e.V.

Harald Nonn (Germany)

Turf Europe Srl

Filippo Lulli (Italy)


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