European Turfgrass Society

Mission & Vision

The objectives of the ETS include the spread of innovative applications and encouragement of a holistic view of turf, particularly with respect to its influence on urban and environmental quality.

This approach is significant as the founding members are representatives of a large industry that has global importance.

  • Provide a forum for scientists, consultants, companies and practitioners to discuss technical issues related to the provision of turf surfaces.
  • Spread innovative applications for the benefit of the turfgrass industry, national and local government, and the European public.
  • Encourage a systems-based approach to the study of turfgrass through multi-disciplinary groups working at different levels.
  • Consider turfgrass knowledge in the broadest sense, including its use in sport and leisure, its role in improving urban quality and its importance in the mitigation of environmental effects such as soil erosion.
  • Develop a strong ethos to promote sustainable, low input systems and solutions based on the conscious use of non-renewable resources.
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