First seminar of the 2021 European Turfgrass Society Webinar Series

The European Turfgrass Society is a not for profit association that include in its objectives the spread of innovative applications and encouragement of a holistic view of turf and provide since 2008 a forum for scientists, consultants, companies and practitioners to discuss technical issues related to the turf surfaces.

Despite the Coronavirus’s emergence, the European Turfgrass Society is continuing with the promotion of innovative application and giving of information. ETS organizes a series of free webinars to offer useful and targeted communication to members and all turf specialists interested. The main objective of these webinars is to explore the interest in environmental issues related to turfgrass management. Welcome to the 2021 European Turfgrass Society Webinar Series.


First seminar

Sponsored by COMPO Expert

25th March, 2021 – 13:00 pm (CET time)

TITLE:  Understanding  the role of bio-stimulants in turfgrass management under drought stress


  • 13:00 Introduction by ETS President (or Vice-President)
  • 13:05 Speaker Dr. Diego Gómez de Barreda Ferraz
  • 13:35 Speaker MSc. Marcela Munoz
  • 14:05 Panel discussion (30 min)


The ETS events are the forum par excellence for scientists, consultants, companies and practitioners to discuss technical issues related with the study of turfgrass. Hosting the 2021 European Turfgrass Society Webinar Series, it is our ambition to provide a forum to spread innovative applications for the benefit of the turfgrass industry promoting the exchange of information among turfgrass specialists from universities, official organisations and private companies.


Watch the registration of this webinar:


Webinar Speakers

  • Diego Gómez de Barreda Ferraz (Dr @Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain)
    Dr. Diego Gómez de Barreda Ferraz, is an Associate Professor at the Plant Production Department of the Polythecnic University of Valencia (UPV), where he got the Agronomist Engineer Degree. He teaches Herbaceous crops and Turfgrass science at the UPV. His primary research interest includes Turfgrass science (cultivar adaptation, use of biostimulants, weed science) and general weed science within other crops. He has published scientific research articles in peer reviewed journals and has lectured presentations on conferences and meetings on turfgrass. He is actually in the board of the International Turfgrass Society (ITS).

  • Marcela Munoz (MSc. @Syngenta)
    My name is Marcela Munoz. I’m a leading turfgrass specialist qualified as an Agronomist Engineer from The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and have a Master of Science Degree from The Ohio State University in Turfgrass Management. I have been in the turf industry for more than 15 years and worked in different positions and countries around the world. Some highlights include working for the STRI as a turf agronomy consultant for the FIFA 2014 Brazil World Cup and providing technical support at the Ryder Cup at Le Golf National in Paris. I’m also an active member of many turf associations around the world, since 2011 I have been a volunteer for the International Committee of the STMA and 2020 I joined the ETS board. Since 2015 I have been based in Cambridge, UK, working as Syngenta’s Technical Services Manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. My role includes supporting the marketing team and commissioning pioneering research to maintain Syngenta at the leading edge of turf.

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