ETS elections for Board renewal: call for elections!

As announced before, after 4 years (2016-2020) the ETS Board is now required to renew, with elections, a new board. The tenure lasts four years and the existing members can be re-elected, however several are now stepping down leaving some positions vacant.

The ETS board consists of 5 to 9 members elected among eligible ETS members, including the President.

The internal ETS Regulation has dedicated 1 position of the board to an US Academic, to assure a connection with American research. Thus there will be 1 place available for the US candidate and 8 for the European.

Elections will be held online following 2 links (1 for EU and 1 for US candidates) that will be provided to ETS members by email.


The European candidates are:

Claudia de Bertoldi (Turf Europe srl, IT)

I received my BA in 2003, after an internship at North Carolina State University (USA) and I have completed my M.Sc (Progettazione e Pianificazione delle Aree Verdi e del Paesaggio) at University of Pisa (Italy) in 2006. My PhD (Allelopathic interferences of plants) was from S. Anna School of Advanced Studies in 2007-2010. Since 2013 I am employed by Turf Europe (Livorno – IT). I am actively engaged in landscaping and realization of gardens and turfgrasses for ornamental and sport use. Management of high-quality sport fields also through precision agriculture. Participation in R&D projects financed at European level. More than 20 publications, posters and presentations on conferences and meetings on turfgrass.


Wolfgang Praemassing (University of Osnabrueck, DE)

Study of Agricultural Biology (University Diploma) at University of Hohenheim, 1991 Doctoral Dissertation (PhD) Promotion with Prof. Dr. H. Franken, University of Bonn, subject: Soil physical Effects of Aeration on Turfgrass Soils, 2008.

Occupation and activities: Professor for Sustainable Turfgrass Management at University of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck, Agronomist and lecturer in Greenkeeper Education and Training for golf and sport sites at DEULA Rheinland GmbH, Education Center, Kempen. Member of editorial staff of “European Journal of Turfgrass Science”. Member of Turf expert committee of German Soccer League (DFL).

Member of working group “Water” at German Golf Federation. Member of examination boards of Chamber of Agriculture Nordrhein-Westfalen Golf Course Greenkeeper and Head-Greenkeeper, Greekeeper/Groundsmen Sport Sites, Competence of Pesticide application.


Carlos Guerrero (University of Algarve, PT)

Carlos Guerrero is graduated in Horticulture Engineering at the University of Algarve (Portugal). Has a M.Sc. in Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition at the Agronomy Superior Institute, of the Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal) and a PhD in Environmental Agronomy at the University of Algarve (Portugal). Assistant Professor at the University of Algarve(Faculty of Sciences and Technology), is actually the Diretor of the Degree Program in Agronomy and was the Director of the Master Program in Management and Maintenance of Golf Courses between 2008-2010.

Teaches Soil Science in Landscape Architecture and Soil Science and Agriculture Machinery in the Agronomy. Is also specialized in groundwater and soil nitrate pollution and has experience on organic and compost uses in agriculture and turfgrass. Actually is working on remote sensing for turfgrass maintenance purposes with unmanned aerial vehicles and multispectral sensors.


Karin Juul Hesselsøe (NIBIO Landvik, NO)

M.Sc in Agriculture 1996, Copenhagen University. From 2006-2019 employed at the Greenkeepers College Sandmoseskolen in Denmark as teacher in greenkeeping and landscape gardening. From June 2019 employed at NIBIO, Landvik. Experience with writing/translation of popular articles and fact sheets on golf course management. In 2018 project leader on an IPM-project on Danish golf courses financed by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.


Marcela Munoz (Syngenta, UK)

My name is Marcela Munoz, I’m a leading turfgrass specialist qualified as an Agronomist Engineer from The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and have a Master of Science Degree from The Ohio State University in Turfgrass Management. Since 2015 I’m based in Cambridge, UK, working as Syngenta’s Technical Services Manager for the EAME region.

I’m an amateur football player that joined this industry moved by my passion for sports, agronomy and science.  I had been in the turf industry for more than 15 years and worked at different positions and countries around the world. Some of my latest exciting experiences include working for the STRI as a turf agronomy consultant for the FIFA 2014 Brazil World Cup and providing technical support at the Ryder Cup at Le Golf National in Paris. I’m also an active member of many turf associations around the world and volunteer since 2011 in the International Committee of the Sports Turf Managers Association of America (STMA)

In my current role I work closely with associations such as  ITS, FEGGA, GMA, BIGGA, STERF, R&A and other local associations and Federations around the region. I also work very closely with the Syngenta Turf Research facility at Stein in Switzerland and the International Research Centre at Jealott’s Hills in the UK, as well as independent researchers, agronomists, greenkeepers and sports turf managers across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. My role also includes supporting the marketing team and commissioning pioneering research to maintain Syngenta at the leading edge of turf science, as well as delivering the results back to the industry in the form of practical solutions to help create consistently better playing surfaces.


Stefano Macolino (University of Padova, IT)

Stefano Macolino is an Associate Professor at the Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural resources, Animals, and Environment of the University of Padova.

He graduated in Forestry Science in 1996, Faculty of Agriculture at Padova University.

He has carried out research on forage management and turfgrass at the Department of Environmental Agronomy and Crop Production as a Postgraduate Researcher. In 2003, he achieved the Ph.D. in Environmental Agronomy.

He has been teaching actively, including three courses: Turfgrass and Revegetation, Forage Crops, and Botany of Cultivated Plants. Dr. Macolino is currently the president of the Committee for the improvement of teaching at the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of Padova University.

He conducts researches on the following:

  1. Impact of cultural practices on cool and warm-season turfgrasses in transition zones.
  2. Forage crop production and management.
  3. Production and plant biodiversity of mountain grasslands.

He supervised Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows on the made mentioned topics.

Dr. Macolino is the author and co-author of nearly 50 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, and numerous publications in conference proceedings, and technical magazines. He is also the author of two books in Italian for undergraduate students.


Fritz Lord (COMPO Expert, DE)

Study of horticultural science at Rhein University Geisenheim, M.sc. in soil science/entomology.  Study of Agricultural Science at Humboldt University Berlin; M.Sc.in crop science, plant diseases; Ph.D at Humboldt University Berlin in phytopathology, antagonistic rhizobacteria (PGPR), soil borne pathogens (Fusarium). Since 2008 working for one of  Europe`s leading fertilizer manufacturer COMPO Expert in Münster, Germany. Responsible for the segment turf and public green, vegetation-technical consultation, research and development, product management and education. Specialties/ experiences: soil-plant-microorganism interactions, bio stimulants, microbial fertilizer, turf nutrition and maintenance.

Various publications regarding turf  fertilization and maintenance (e.g. European Journal of Turfgrass Science, New Landscape).  Teaching turf  seminars for greenkeepers and groundsmen in Germany and abroad.

ETS member since 2008, board member of the  International Turf Grass Society ( ITS) since 2014.

Further memberships: German Turfgrass Society (DRG), Greenkeeper Association of Germany (GVD) , Austrian Greenkeeper Association (AGA), Förderkreis Landschafts- und Sportplatzbauliche Forschung (FLSF), Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsbau e.V. (FLL)


The US candidates are:

Clint Mattox (Oregon State University, USA)

Dr. Clint Mattox graduated from Purdue University with a turfgrass science degree in 2000 and has been working in the turfgrass industry since that time. From 2000 until 2012, Clint worked overseas, primarily in Europe, where he was an assistant superintendent in Berlin, head greenkeeper at Paris Disneyland, and finally grow-in and maintenance superintendent at the Arnold Palmer designed Vignoly golf course near Paris. While in Europe, Clint became interested in managing golf courses in the absence of traditional fungicides.

To pursue this interest, in 2013, Clint began graduate studies at Oregon State University focusing on managing turfgrass diseases in the absence of traditional fungicides. He finished a Master of Science degree in Horticulture in September 2015 and a Doctorate degree in March 2020 majoring in Horticulture with a minor in Botany and Plant Pathology. His current research focus includes managing the turfgrass disease Microdochium patch using alternatives to traditional fungicides, turfgrass carbon sequestration, annual bluegrass herbicide resistance, tall fescue winter fertility, and the use of wetting agents to suppress anthracnose on annual bluegrass putting greens. Clint has authored multiple scientific and trade journal articles, and frequently speaks at conferences on turfgrass research, including international speaking events in Europe.  He is also active as an online instructor and is currently developing an online adult introduction to turfgrass management class.


Alec Kowalewski (Oregon State University, USA)

PhD., has over 17 years of research experience and multiple publications on various cool-season and warm-season turfgrass species obtained while employed at Michigan State University, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, the University of Georgia, and Oregon State University.  Alec is an Associate Professor at Oregon State University and teaches several undergraduate classes in the Department of Horticulture.  Alec also provides extension material for stakeholders in turfgrass and landscape management, and directs the turfgrass research program at Oregon State University.


Marco Schiavon (University of Florida, USA)

Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Horticulture Department, University of Florida at the Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center. His primary research interests include potable water conservation for irrigating turfgrass areas, salinity management, physiology of turfgrass in response to drought stress. He received a B.S. in Agronomical Sciences in 2005 and a M.S in Agronomy in 2008 both from University of Padua, Italy, and a Ph.D. in Agronomy in 2013 from New Mexico State University. In 2013, he moved to University of California Riverside where he worked as a Postdoctoral Scholar until December 2016, and subsequently as an Assistant Researcher until November 2019. He has published more than 30 refereed journal articles.


Best of luck to the candidates !

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