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Dear ETS Members and turf friends,

As President of the European Turfgrass Society (ETS), I would like to inform you that our society founded in 2007 in Pisa (Italy), is now in serious financial difficulties due to pandemic restrictions that occurred in the last two years. World pandemic rules prevented the possibility of holding annual events (Field Days and Conferences) essential for supporting the society’s everyday activities, such as secretariat operations and others.

In its 15 years of activities, the ETS linked all the different segments and facets of professional turf and built a bridge between science, practice, and industry. The ETS also promoted the turf industry in Europe by increasing business relationships and friendships. Our Society is a reference point for the entire turfgrass community, encouraging and promoting communications and exchanging ideas among turf specialists, companies, and academics.

Turf has been recognized to be an important crop for improving life quality in modern human habitats and ecological systems. Sustainable and innovative maintenance concepts are developing. We all have the chance to participate. Therefore, the European turf market needs a strong ETS Association operative, creative, modern, and efficient to face the challenges of the future. The German Turf Grass Society, and several other Companies, see the future of the ETS as worthy of support and have already offered a sponsorship.

To overcome the severe situation, the ETS board made the following at once decisions:

  1. No ETS Field Days in alternation with an ETS Conference but only one Turf experience event every second year (hybrid event, conference /practice)
  2. Alternatives for current electronic newsletter
  3. Improving the web page, interactive page, etc.
  4. Intensive social media presence
  5. Reduction of official secretary
  6. Organizing a volunteer internship
  7. Defined tasks for every board member
  8. Organizing a turf event in 2023

The Board has carefully evaluated this strategic plan. It has been finalized to maximize the benefits for both academics and companies. Even with only one event every other year, we will continue to favor the network and mutually beneficial relationships of all members through a constant presence on social media and other digital mediums. The above mention activities will be carried trying to optimize performance, costs, and efficiency.

Therefore, on behalf of the ETS Board and all the members, I would like to ask all of you for financial support to allow ETS to continue promoting the turf sector in Europe, or rather worldwide.


I look forward to your kind consideration on the matter.


Thank you in anticipation.

With best regards,

ETS President

and board members


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